Our history

Mario Extreme Electronis is a company with more than 12 years of experience in the repair of all types of professional audio, led by its CEO and founder Mario Aguilar, who arrived from Nicaragua in 2007, after collaborating with important companies in that country.

At the beginning, the company worked from the living room of his house, who repaired clients' equipment at night and early in the morning to be delivered during the day, because since he arrived from Nicaragua he began to collaborate with electronics companies in Miami such as REFLEXTIONS ELECTRONICS and ALL FUTIONS.

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At Thus, little by little, the company was gaining popularity among customers who needed high-quality repairs, among users of recognized brands such as: Peavey, Crown, JBL, Mackie, Yorkville and many recognized brands in the professional audio world.

Already in 2010, Mario Extreme Electronics is formalized as a company. At that time, various social media accounts were created so that more public could learn about the company's services.

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In 2012, our CEO decided to give himself completely to the company's clients and this is how an important turn was made and the popularity of the quality and the low price of the repairs considerably increased.

Against the geographic position of the location of the company, which at that time was in homestead, Florida; And due to the suggestions of many clients, Mario Extreme Electronics moves to 2029 NW and 20 St., where it achieves a contract with ProAudio Miami to rent a module within its premises, from 2016 to 2020.

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The space, the need to expand its staff, provide better service to its customers, establish more trust among the public, lead Mario Extreme Electronics to acquire a new location in 2020.

Thus, in June 2020, it acquires its new location, remodeling its infrastructure to be able to meet each of the challenges posed by the company Mario Extreme Electronics is now established at 1855 NW 20 St., in Miami Florida.