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At the heart of your music and audio system is the amplifier. Its role in boosting signal output to your speaker system is critical in the overall sound and performance quality of your related components. Without a properly operating amplifier, you have no sound at all. If your amp is acting up, bring it in to the specialists at Mario Extreme Electronics. We offer superior amplifier repair in Miami, FL that covers every component within your system.

From annoying hums to unwanted distortion, we repair all types of amplifier problems. As experts in audio amplifier repair, we know what to look for that may be causing the problem with your amp. With an arsenal of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we test your amplifier for proper resistance, ensure solid-state circuit boards are intact, and replace faulty or burned-out power transistors in order to get your audio equipment working again.

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We love working on tube amplifiers and have extensive experience in guitar amplifier repair and modification. If you are looking to recapture that authentic sound you can only find through your trusted tube amp, our trained technicians have the experience and technical know-how you can count on to keep your amp ready for action. Why would you trust the repair of your treasured vintage amplifier to anyone else

Are you unsure whether your current amplifier is equipped to handle your sound output requirements? Our friendly stereo amplifier repair technicians will be more than happy to discuss your speaker output requirements to ensure that your amp is capable of providing sufficient power to drive your speakers. You need to keep your amp ready to perform in Miami, FL, and the experts at Mario Extreme Electronics can help you do just that with our extensive amp repair services.

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