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Keeping your collection of electronic components in good condition is essential to extending their life and preserving their performance quality. This is especially true in the world of audio. Integral pieces of equipment such as amplifiers, speakers, and other music performance equipment such as keyboards, microphones, and guitars must be carefully maintained to ensure they reproduce sound accurately.

As the local specialists in electronics repair in Miami, FL, Mario Extreme Electronics is the dedicated professional you can count on to provide you with superior repair services for all of your audio equipment. With an emphasis on audio equipment and components, we offer the following services:

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• CD Player Repair
• CD Recorder Repair
• Electric Guitar Repair
• Electronic Keyboard Repair
• Microphone Repair

• Printed Circuit Board Diagnosis and Repair
• Computer-Controlled Lighting Systems Repair
• Video Gaming Console Repair (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii)
• DJ turntable Repair


Our experts understand electronics better than anyone else does. With a repair center that is fully equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic systems, we are able to troubleshoot a wide range of repair issues such as faulty or cracked printed circuit boards, failed potentiometers, failed faders, broken electronic piano keys, defective contacts, and much more.

We can also repair drum machines, mixing boards, digital signal processors, and other components used to generate, record, and play back music. We specialize in fixing portable or rack-mounted CD units and offer comprehensive service and repair in all systems containing a CD player or recorder. From samplers to synthesizers, our repair services have all of your gear covered. Count on the electronics experts at Mario Extreme Electronics in Miami, FL to help you keep your music pumping with our broad range of electronics repair services.

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